Hi, my name is Rich Audsley, PhD, LMFT
Welcome to Evergreen Family Matters
I established Evergreen Family Matters to treat behavioral and emotional problems within the context of the family structure and system. I work with families and couples in intimate relationships to facilitate and nurture change and development.
The issues of an individual family member are often a reflection of some conflict within the family system as a whole. It is difficult to treat adolescent problems and family issues without also addressing problems that likely underlie the supporting family structure.
As is the case with couples therapy, individual issues often play out within the family, and family therapy can help address these issues.
I hope you continue to browse through my website and to learn more about myself and my qualifications to assist you and your family.
Dr. Rich Audsley
What does it mean to say a family is a system?
To understand this better, consider the example of a mobile.
When you move any one piece of a mobile, all the other pieces move too. They do not exist in isolation from one another, and "movement" in any one part of the "system" will affect all the rest of the parts of the system.
Individuals cannot be understood in isolation from one another -- families are a system of interconnected and interdependent individuals, none of whom can be understood in isolation from the system.